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About GirlsAndGays

I'm Alo! I am a 27 year old non binary counselor and my pronouns are they/them. 

I created my company Girls and Gays to be just that, a gender affirming care service.

Gender affirming care is an important service made to enhance the comfort and safety of individuals who identify with a gender different than their assigned sex at birth. 

These services range from teaching parents how to create an inclusive and accepting environment for their loved ones, to gender affirming styling for lgbtqia+ individuals. These services are also meant to facilitate more authentic and meaningful relationships within families. Especially families of people who might feel uncomfortable or not know how to express themselves.


I have been a fashion stylist for 9 years and I ended up with pages of tips, tricks, and essentials to make outfits more gender affirming for anyone. Gender euphoria can be reached with the right outfit, I have experienced it first hand! Simply, gender affirming styling is meant to help people find their new personal style or refine their current one. 

I have been out as non binary for 4 years but, I knew I was non binary since I was a child. I grew up with no understanding of myself and no understanding of how to create the community I desperately needed. This is why assisting people along their journey with gender identity and personal identity is my lifelong passion.


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