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gender dysphoria

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The first time I realized I didn’t want to look like everyone else was in the 1st grade. I didn’t understand the concept of fitting in just because you looked like everyone else. I didn’t want to get clothing in the girls sections because I would have to see my figure, and I didn’t want to get clothing in the boys section because I didn’t like any of it. The only problem was, I only had friends in school when I would dress in clothing from the girls section. When I dressed in skirts, I ended up having more people to sit with at lunch. Realizing this was the start into the thought of “having to dress feminine in order to fit in.” I dressed overly feminine from then on. This thought followed me all the way through high school. It was only until college that I gave up that idea, and dressed myself for myself. The first time I put on clothing meant for me, the clothing I thought I looked like MYSELF in, my world changed. I finally recognized the person I saw in the mirror. I never went back to a skirt again. (The friends I sat with at lunch multiplied as my confidence grew.)

Wear clothing for YOU, no one else.

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