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Relating to others has never been easy for me. I tend to forget small details and end up in a panic when having in-person conversations. Sometimes, I’ll even dead name myself to new people because of how overwhelmed I get and then have to backtrack and re-introduce myself. I usually am more embarrassed by this and end up avoiding that person out of anxiousness. This is where my love story with poetry begins. I realized writing was a much easier way for me to communicate with others when I was young. I started writing poetry before I can remember. It was my way of explaining myself to others, especially my parents. I would write about things I wouldn’t be able to say out loud. It helped me be abbe to ask for help, and what I needed help for. Although I had a hard time identifying my emotions, they always showed up quite clearly through my writings. This not only helped me but my family and friends understand me in a much clearer way. Although I use metaphors and my spelling is far from perfect, I now have a way to relate to others, and for others to relate to me.

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