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Pride Month for a They/Them

It's Pride 2022, and I am going to Long Beach Pride for the first time. I've been out for 6 years but- I've only been to pride while I was still in the closet. Yeah, I know. I was meant to go in 2018 as a lesbian, but I didn't have a ride. I was meant to go in 2019 as a non binary lesbian, but I had moved to a homophobic town. I was meant to go as a non binary pansexual in 2020 but... let's not talk about 2020. I was meant to go in 2021, but I was exiled by the queer community in the state I was living in. So. It's 2022, it's June, and I'm in Long Beach. A year sober as of last month, and ready to remember my first Pride.

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